As most of you know, I own a very nice Korg Poly-61 synthesizer. I also have a website on the Poly-61. Paul's Poly-61 Page:

Anyway, a couple of days ago, a fellow P61 owner emailed me with a question about, his P61. It was about key contacts, and I told him, how to fix the problem. First he needed to remove the four top screws, in order to flip the front pannel up. OOPS! I forgot to mention, the bottom screws needed to be removed, and that the pannel slides off. Second, I said he needed to remove the screw holding the keys, in place. OOPS, again! There are no screws holding the keys in place, but a metal wire in the back.

Actually he pointed this out too me. Which, I learned, while examineing my own P61. This was a case of thinking I knew waht I was tlaking about, WITHOUT, actaully knowing everything. Even, I make mistakes.

Granted I own a Poly-61, and have a website on it, does not mean, I know everything about it. Although I am leanring.

I am not techincally inclined, nor do I have a backround, in electronics, dose not mean I can't help some one out, and vice versa. To me running my website, and answering questions, as best I can, is fun and I enjoy it!