PRESS RELEASE: Epinoisis Software. Athens, February 20, 2000

Epinoisis Software Announces:


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Brief information:

What is Digital Ear?

Digital Ear can analyze a recorded solo performance (.wav file)
(e.g. a singing human voice, or a musical instrument) and convert
it to a standard MIDI file.

Any vibrato, tremolo, pitch-bend, portamento and even "brightness"
changes of your voice will be faithfully converted and reproduced
into any voice of your synthesizer.

Your MIDI file can be imported to your favorite music program (e.g.
Cubase VST, Cakewalk etc. ) for mixing with other tracks, viewing
the score, or further processing.

WHAT'S NEW in Version 2.0:

» NEW Features:

» Speed Speed Speed! The new version of Digital Ear features a new
optimized engine that is 2-20 times faster (depending on time resolution)
than the previous version! Do you think that we sacrificed quality? Read

» Accuracy: Digital Ear now is now even more robust. Less errors, more
precise intonation even in difficult cases.

» Smart Event Detector: This brand-new feature of Digital Ear uses a new
real-time algorithm in order to accurately recognize a notes' attack. This
feature is particularly effective for string instruments. On-the-fly real-time
sensitivity adjustment.

» MIDI events compression. Fewer MIDI events are send to your synthesizer
releasing valuable bandwidth without compromising quality.

» Score-friendly MIDI files: With the addition of the Smart Event Detector,
the resulting MIDI files will work smoothly with your favorite score editor.

» Tooltips! Get instant help for any function of Digital Ear. Just leave the
mouse pointer stationary over the icon you want to learn more about it.

» Automatic save of MIDI files: No need to save your MIDI file each time you
make a parameter change. Make any change you like, then just hit "play" to
hear your resulting MIDI file.

» Integrated WAVE file player. Now you can hear and compare your .wav file
without leaving Digital Ear.

» Numerous internal fixes and improvements.


For more information visit : http://digitalear.iwarp.com/
Or email us at : info@digitalear.iwarp.com

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