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#74535 - 10/05/04 12:49 AM roland gk-20 iwth VSTi's

I have just bought a GK-20 unit and am very impressed with the internal sounds supplied, however I do use a lot of VSTi's in my music and was hoping to use my guitar as the master of these too, every time I try to do this the synths go mad, multiple midi messages altering patch and banks, also the notes played are not the ones I trigger and it seems to hang constantly as if there is no midi note off message, this does not seem to be the problem as I can see a clear midi signal which corresponds with my actions in Cubase window??

Am I missing something simple? please help,

Many thanks,


#74536 - 10/26/04 09:23 AM Re: roland gk-20 iwth VSTi's

Hey Mike,
Is it the GR-20 with the GK-2, or GK3 pick-up? If so, I think that I may have a solution for your existing problem. On page 30 of the manual there may be a hint for you. It speaks about having Local Control “off” if you’re having conflicts, or MIDI loop problems with an external sound module (or VST synth). Take a peek at pages 28-30 in the GR-20 manual, also page 32 for the “Troubleshooting” Appendices.

If you have any further problems, just post them here, or Private Message me if you like. There are a great deal of knowledgeable and experienced posters here in this forum, and just as another option, the Help Desk has a lot of great information on almost all Roland products old & new.

Just my humble .02¢

Phil Gates
Strategic Support Specialist
Media Development Team
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