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#74222 - 03/16/02 10:44 AM A3000 is quite ill.

I tried to boot up my A3000 sampler, the LCD lit up but there was nothing readable...
So the power is getting in to the unit but it's just not functional!
Has anyboby else experienced similar?
Could it be an easy fix? Where should I take it for repair and is it likely to be expensive? (I live in the West Midlands, U.K)
Thanks in advance, Dave.

#74223 - 04/02/02 10:29 PM Re: A3000 is quite ill.
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Well, I don't know whats up with your A3000 but, If you want to ask someone from Yamaha, the enjoy the Forum, there is always a guy from Yamaha US around... If you would live in germany i have given you some adresses where you can repair your A3000, but you are still living in the US! Argh! If you have not enough money to repair it then send it to me in germany, I would buy that sampler!

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