The info I got off the net is a bit spartan!

The unit looks just like what I need! It reminds me of my fantastic O3D mixer.

I know that it will come with dynamics processing and eq on every channel and buss (like the O series mixers).
2 phantom powered XLR mic pres and 6 additional phono mic/line inputs. 4 omni outputs (like O1V).
Ability to accept up to 2 expansion cards for extra I/O. I'd get an Adat card to directly integrate my O3D and hopefully they will bring out another new card with extra analogue I/O that I could set up to use with the 8 auxilliary sends that will be provided.
2 O1V style effects processors that can be routed anywhere and fed into each other.
17 dedicated 60mil faders.
Able to take hard drives up to 64MB in size!
Ability to add internal CD burner.
24 bit recording capability with onboard mastering and 128 virtual tracks.
4 band fully parametric eq on every channel with dedicated controls.
Dedicated pan control.
Storage memories for scenes, channels, dynamics, eq and effects (like in my O3D).

Yes I want one! But unfortunately it won't be available until about June!

Any extra info will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance. Korgasm.