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#73942 - 11/27/06 04:35 PM PSR 3000 ?

Hi Everyone

I've finally got around to thinking about upgrading from my ageing PSR2000 (bought Jan 2002) ... to one of the newer Keyboards.

The compatibility problems between the 2000 and other Keyboards are gradually becoming more marked and its now lucky if I get to hear Songs submitted, as they should sound (e.g. wrong Voices and poor mixing reproduced by the 2000). Also of course the newer Voices are improving all the time.

I have in mind a 3000, I don't think the budget will stretch to a Tyros. And would welcome any advice, comments etc on the 3000 or other alternatives.

Thanks in advance

Chris Bell

#73943 - 12/04/06 06:48 PM Re: PSR 3000 ?
CoasterTim Offline

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Hi Chris,
I saw your same post and responded at SVP World...maybe you should post this question at the General Arranger're bound to get plenty of opinions there.

Let me just deserve a T2. I would love to hear what you could do with those SA voices.(however, I wouldn't be able to enjoy your songs because I don't have a T2.) But I DO have a PSR3000 and know that you would absolutely love it. It will open the door to greater expression in your music and you will appreciate the great sounds and styles it has to offer, including those fabulous megavoices. I think the 3000 is the best-for-the-buck out there right now. That could change, however, since rumor has it that it will be upgraded sometime next spring or summer. Now that you've waited this long, it might be wise to wait until then and buy into the latest technology Yamaha will have to offer.

Tim Schaeffer

YAMAHA CVP-509 / Korg Pa300

#73944 - 12/05/06 12:58 PM Re: PSR 3000 ?

Hi Tim
Thanks for your reply.
Today I got the chance to play the PSR3000 (I've played one before many months ago and also had a go on the T2).
I'm leaning towards a 3000 and if I can get a slightly used one at a good price I'll probably go for it.
Thanks again my friend


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