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#7374 - 03/17/02 12:00 PM I'm feeling deep people...
stillme Offline

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I was just sitting here thinking, which I probably do too much of...and I was wondering how many people in a general group believe in God. Then I was wondering, if so...what is their interpretation of God. I was thinking, people sing about so much stuff, mostly love or something that they went through in their just don't hear anything hardly about God on a radio least where I'm from you don't. I was wondering why God and religion is such a taboo on most radio stations..but hate, sex, violence, broken hearts, all that kind of stuff, isn't. It's like people are afraid of it or something. People don't want to hear it. Well, what do you think? I warned you this was deep.

#7375 - 03/17/02 06:18 PM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
Chris Attison Offline

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Originally posted by stillme:
you just don't hear anything hardly about God on a radio least where I'm from you don't. I was wondering why God and religion is such a taboo on most radio stations..but hate, sex, violence, broken hearts, all that kind of stuff, isn't.

You just asked a very complex question, which I can only touch up on. The unabridged answer to your question can easily take up a book. Here we go, and I might add, you asked for it.

I blame it mostly on the media and large corporations. Ever since the late 60s and early 70s, both of these elements have been working diligently to divide and therefore weaken this nation on many issues. It used to be just plain old right and wrong. You dont hear that anymore. Now you hear Liberal/Conservative, Pro-choice/Pro-life, whats politically correct and what is not and so on.

Its been the media of news and entertainment that has been behind the whole new twisted definition on freedom of religion. Any person in their right mind understands that displaying a cross or a banner that says "In God We Trust" is not an infringement upon anyones personal relgious beliefs as long as no one is forcing you by law to participate, but the media has twisted it all for everyone to believe that if you put a cross in your dormroom, you may be "offending" your roommate who is an athiest. A person who gets offended easily by a piece of wood on the wall just doesnt have respect for your beliefs. Many just play the "victim" role to gain sympathy. It also can serve as a great powertrip to force someone to stop doing something that is of major importance to their spirituality. Lets be honest, when was the last time you felt offended because you saw a buddhist statue?

Religion is one of the glues that builds strong family character and creates a bond that is virtually unbreakable. It is also what keeps a nation strong. Take religion along with family values away and look what you have. You have exactly what we have now. I sincerely believe that this is what big business wanted to break down these barriers to create lemming consumerist zombies. And as you can see, that is what the general masses of America are today. We dont care about going to church on Sunday or spending quality time with the family. We just want to make sure that the credit card is still active so we can get the big tvs and the car stereos and so on. Admit it, this is what America has become.

I know many of you are going to get pissed at what I am about to say, but it is clear that the hippie generation inspired by and in collaboration with the television media was the spark that has created irreversable damage to America that will take generations to fix. Before that entire era, there was a low crime rate, family values were at an all time high, people were friendlier and communities were strong. For a clear understanding to what the hippie movement was all about, read a book called "DO IT". I had to read it in highschool. The book really is a piece of filth.

The hippie movement introduced selfish acts such as drug experimentation, an abandon of values and religion,replacing it with New Age propaganda, an abandon of family structure, replaced with free love and guilt free thoughts and "individualism"(really everyone acted the same). "ME NUMERO UNO" car stickers and pins were a big seller. It was the beginning of every man for himself and screw everyone else.

Today, everyone is a victim. Everyone is an "individual". There is no "we" there is only "me". Now the reason why sex and violence have replaced religion is because we have been reduced to our basic primitive instincts. We are no longer civilized. Some people will tell you that we have progressed since 1960. Technology wise maybe, but as human beings, no.

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#7376 - 03/17/02 06:58 PM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
jedi Offline
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Hi stillme,
I belive in God and Jesus and have accepted Him into my Life as my savior. In the world today there is much to be said about religion, does God exist is there a Jesus, well I think there must be. We are tested in many ways, but even that has many people confused. The word tested, as if we were put on trial, NO that is not what that means at all, we are tested for His love so that we know it is still there even when times are hard and we can`t belive some of the things that happen-happen. Take heart my friend when times are the hardest that is when HE is closest. Many people belive in many ways but no matter how you look at it, How can these frail carbon based bodies exist then be no more. There is a place that waits for us all and we will feel no more pain or loss or any of the things that make sad. We will be there in the spirit of God not these frail bodies but like in a way that we can not comprehend here on earth. I think of it like this, we are waiting for a train or boat and when we take that ride we will be going to the place where there is love and warmth and we won`t even remember the trip. To quote Dr. Peter Marshall "when we were chidren and fell asleep, and we woke only to find ourselves in our own bed, not knowing how we got there that is what it will be like" and that is the power and the love of God.

#7377 - 03/17/02 08:51 PM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
malpasoman Offline
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I'm Catholic, so yeah, I have a deep belief in God and Jesus.

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#7378 - 03/18/02 02:06 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
MRT1212 Offline

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actually here in the bay area there is a very inciteful program called "god talk" with bernie ward on KGO 810...
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#7379 - 03/18/02 05:16 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
rattley Offline

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You wanted an honest answer............
I'm 42 and still can't answer that question. I think I believe, but then something like 9/11 comes around and shakes my fragile "faith". I've always needed proof or personal experience to believe in ANYTHING. I admire people who have unconditional faith........It just has never happened to me. I have faith in mankind and have tried to help anyone I meet anyway I can.

#7380 - 03/18/02 05:59 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
Dan Hanson Offline

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My answer is, Yes, I believe in God and have accepted Jesus as my Savior. I believe everyone has a talent given to them and that they should use that talent for His purposes. I think music is the most powerful language we have and that if we listen, we can communicate universally through music without regard to a spoken language. Admittedly my musical ability and knowledge is far below that of other forum members, but I try to do the best I can and keep on learning, and keep on trying. I have recieved assistance from forum members with styles and/or music they have arranged for their worship services. For that and any other assistance, I thank God. I guess the bottom line is, in my opinion, if you look, you can see God and if you listen, you can hear God.

#7381 - 03/18/02 08:37 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
Leon Offline

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With all the bullsh*t going on in the world today, it can only strengthen my disbelief.
Let's say there's this all powerful, all knowing presence, checking things out. The middle east??? Ireland?? 9/11??? All done in the name of someone's God??
The explainations of "part of some major plan", or "working in mysterious ways" just doesn't cut it for me. But that's just my opinion.
I haven't lost faith in mankind, but personally I don't need a crutch to explain today's mentality, or lack of it. You asked....and I responded.

#7382 - 03/18/02 08:42 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
tony mads usa Offline
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...Believe in GOD ??? .... ABSOLUTELY ... and I feel there are more of us today that do believe in Him, and the power of prayer, but yet we are so hesitant to discuss it, or show any outward sign of our belief... We wear clothing advertising the designer, or some musical group or artist, or some sports figure, but how many of us would wear something that demonstrates our belief in God? ... while I may not share the beliefs of some groups, I admire their courage to dress a certain way so that people know of what sect or belief they are .... how many Christians would do the same thing??? ... for years I have talked to my children, nieces and nephews about how I feel that the sex and violence they allow themselves to be subject to in all sorts of entertainment, video games etc. has a de-sensitizing effect on society ... and now look how easily one person will take the life of another, or even many others, for their own reason or for no reason ... there are times when I can't help but draw the comparison of our world to the Great Roman Empire ...
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#7383 - 03/18/02 09:00 AM Re: I'm feeling deep people...
Cloakboy Offline

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I'm just popping in here to answer the "why don't we all talk about god out in the open" question... I always thought it had to do with there being all different factions of Christianity, and no one really wants to listen to someone telling them their way of believing in the same thing is wrong. Why do we all roll our eyes at mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses? Because they knock on our doors with their extreme and outlandish forms of Christ worship.

When it comes to issues like religion in public schools, Catholics don't want Baptists teaching their kids, Baptists don't want Catholics teaching their kids, etc. etc. etc.

When my dad was a kid, he was Irish Catholic and went to a Catholic Parochial school. The way he tells it, it seems that the Catholic kids only hung around with other Catholic kids, and they'd often get in fights with the Luthern kids, who only hung out with other Luthern kids. As an atheist myself, I think it's great that this type of separation no longer exists in our society, even amongst childern. I am reminded of the way the Freemasons have a rule where one cannot discuss either religon or politics at a meeting, as they cause divisions amongst people. (yet i do believe that a belief in God is a requirement for joining the Freemasons.)

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