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#73629 - 12/10/00 06:46 PM yamaha v50 vs roland d50

i have 400 and i can buy a v50 from yamaha or a d50 from roland. i know little about kebords and i would like an knower-opinion.
i would be very grateful of yor recommendations. please tell which and WHY. thanks

#73630 - 12/11/00 09:10 PM Re: yamaha v50 vs roland d50
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Get the D-50 , it's capable of a wider range of sounds from analogue to digital . The V-50 is a pathetic 4 operator FM synthesizer like the D-21 , DX-100 , DX-27 . It has a very thin sound , very weak and anemic . The D-50 will be able to create some sounds that are somewhat like there older analogue gear and it can also do digital sounds as well . So basically you get the best of both worlds with the D-50 , later on down the road you can get the PG-1000 programer for it so you can have real time controls for it .


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