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#73179 - 10/26/99 01:13 PM Please help me to connect my PSS680 to my PC

I have 2 questions;
??=> I have a YAMAHA PSS 680 Keyboard. I want to connect it to my computer.I have many Musicmaker Programs such as'Fruityloops,Anvil Studio,Drummaker....I want to play the sounds/effects from my keyboard.But my computer has not got a midi in/out entrances/ports.It only has microphone,headphone and 'line in 'enters/ports.Is it necessary to have midi in/out ports on computer??
* If it is necessary how will i have them???By a radio card?? *Is it
avaliable for my computer to recognize my Keyboard automatically without a midi connections?(only line in??)
(I have windows98)

#73180 - 11/04/99 09:44 AM Re: Please help me to connect my PSS680 to my PC
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I'm not familiar with that particular model Yamaha keyboard but almost all keyboards connect the same to a computer.

Your keyboard needs to have a MIDI IN and a MIDI OUT. These will be connected to your computer's "Joystick" port on your sound card. The joystick port will be located near your audio plugs and will be a 15 pin connector. You'll just need to purchase a certain cable if you don't already have it. These cables can be purchsed in almost any larger well stocked computer store or possibly a Radio Shack. This cable will have a 15 pin connector at one end and 2 midi plugs at the other end. The plug labelled OUT will be connected to the IN on your keyboard and the plug labelled IN will be connected to the OUT on your keyboard. That's all there is to it.

Have fun!


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