It's probably been said here before, so bear with me if it's redundant.

I couldn't figure out how to make a patch change in the mixer map because each object is only capable of values from 0 to 127. And having three separate objects doesn't seem to do the trick either.

But it's not bad to enter the bank and program change. In the Arrange screen, enter the result of (MSB+128)+LSB into the Bank field, and put the program number plus one in the Program field. For instance, to select the patch Fuzzline, put the result of (000*128)+115=115 in the Bank field. And the program change number 84+1=85 into the Program field. That's it. For the drum banks, it seems you can only put them on channel 10. To select the B900 kit Bank 126*128)+0=16128 Program: 22+1=23

Hope this helps, sorry if this has been posted by others.