Well I'll agree that the DX-7 is a legendary instrument, but really guys, it had it's faults too that someone should point out. First, it's incredibly heavy for a synth of it's size. Second, it is a poor MIDI controller: the MIDI velocity output on the original model would not go above 100. So a better buy is the models that were based on the original DX-7 such as the DX-7II or the DX-7IIFD. Also, any model that had the E! upgrades are better. And the DX-7's 16-voice polyphony is a limitation for anyone who really plays the famed electric piano with lots of sustaining notes. As to the voices themselves, the DX-7 had great electric pianos and organs but lousy strings. And it was notoreous for being one of the most difficult synths ever to program yourself (fortunately there are huge libraries of available patches on the web). I do think that $300 for a DX-7 in good condition is a good buy, but for an amateur musician this will be a daunting investment.
Jim Eshleman