Hi there,

I got a problem with the keys of my 2 year old S90:
Some keys wonīt come back after pressing them down. It seems like the springs (or whatever mechanism is responsible) start losing their power to bring the keys back up.
This is so annoying, as the keyboard canīt be used any longer for me as a professional musician. And repairing is very expensive, especially since the keys get ruined successively, so that they canīt be repaired all at once.

Did anybody make similar experiences with a S90 or Motif keyboard with weighted keys? And does anyone have an idea what I could do (for the warranty-time is over now...). I am actually somewhat desperate, and I didnīt expect such phenomena at a high quality company like Yamaha, especially after such a short period of usage (2 years!).

Thank you for your replies, Lars

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