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#7272 - 01/23/03 01:50 PM Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
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Hi All,
I'm looking for a good (top of the line) synt-module, can someone help me decide which sound module is better the Triton or the XV5080 for live and home studio, it would be controlled from Korg-i30 board.

Thank you

#7273 - 01/23/03 10:18 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
Uncle Dave Offline
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The Roland board will give you a better contrast since you alreADY HAVE THE SOUNDS FROM THE kORG SYNTH.(Damn caps lok)
Both are terrific, but Korg is weak in pianos, and the Roland shines there !
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#7274 - 01/23/03 10:25 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
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I dont want to start anything (again)

But what is up with those damn TV stations.
Does KORG have total monopoly of what keyboards should be shown on porograms

Why do they always show 2 doodz playing 2-3
Tritons each

That goes for American & Canadian shows. Ive seen both and its been going on for like 2 years straight.

Im sick sick sick of seeing shiny silver keybaords on tv.

#7275 - 01/24/03 12:43 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
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I have a Triton Pro with the EXB01 Piano's board and I must say the Piana's sound damn good to me. You can even go for the Classical Piano EXB board if that suits you.

Al G

#7276 - 01/24/03 04:11 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
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Well, I think we're talking about the Lamborghini and Ferrari of the world of synths. Feature wise they are both awesome and I guess it's all down to a matter of opinion which is best.

One thing I will say though, is that for piano sounds, Roland come out tops every time! All in my opinion of course!

#7277 - 01/26/03 11:40 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080

OK yall can shine my hynee. The Yamaha Motif with the Piano card completely blows away the Roland and the Korg with the piano board that I tested both before I bought. Shoot. It even smokes my Kurzweil 2600 sx and to that I was shocked! toska, I have spent a bundle of dough both at work and at home on a lot of different gear over the years. Each piece I keep is for a particular function it can do better than others. If I were you and you are generally not a live on stage player, you would be missing so much if you did not give the Motif a try before you bought. I have similar Roland gear (stuffed 2080 with expansion cards) and I own a Triton in my rack! The Triton is great to turn and burn. You can switch it on and play radical sounds immediately. Least I mention all the Motif's capable of. The Motif is cumbersome to learn mainly because it does so much as a sequencer, and sampler as well as a great keyboard. So I would say that at first, it is hard to use because there is so much there. Once you get to know it, the moves are actually pretty easy. toska it is a unit that should not be overlooked before making a purchase. Yes, the Motif is available in a rack and includes a vocorder added to it's capabilities.
I learn how much more the Motif is capable of nearly every day and it just doesn't seem to ever end. The Triton doesn't even come close.

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#7278 - 02/10/03 01:38 PM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
Congo54 Offline
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Korg Triton, Deffinately

#7279 - 02/12/03 06:34 AM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
Luis.Santos Offline

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I've already worked with the XV and it's a great machine.
(I have a XV88 and it's great)
I'd definitly go with the XV 5080.

Luis Santos

#7280 - 02/15/03 11:04 AM Re: Korg-Triton or Roland xv5080
FAEbGBD Offline

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I would have to agree with Morph that Yamaha makes really good piano sounds. This coming from a Roland user.
I guess it depends on your style of music. Korg is usually better at electric, synthey pads, and maybe some more far out space kind of sounds. Roland is usually better at real instrument sounds. I don't know enough about Yamaha to comment intelligently.

Morph, does the motif rack have the sequencer and sampler in it? I've already got a sequencer; I've just been looking to expand my sound collection. i'm a producer as well as a performer, and I'm starting to wish I had some new wave forms.


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