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#72665 - 04/19/99 05:20 AM SW1000 Line in levels
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Where can i set a level for recording from both the first and second pair of inputs? I canīt move the sliders on the Windows Mixer, they are fixed and when i try to record audio from my CD it sounds very very quiet quietly?
I downloaded a default.XGE file wich set the level of the second pair at 75%. What is all of that? I want it 100%, other way i have to normailze again and again.
Please someone explain a bit about that, i feel a bit confused.

#72666 - 04/23/99 10:16 AM Re: SW1000 Line in levels
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You need XGEDIT. Do a search on YAHOO to get the web address.

XGEDIT allows you to pick the levels, and to select "MIC" or "LINE" input source. If you are having to normalize a lot, it may be your source is too quiet, OR your input source is set wrongly.



#72667 - 05/04/99 05:25 AM Re: SW1000 Line in levels
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hi Zopi,(great name)
If you click the audio tab in xgworks editor
and then double click the first and second channels, select audio or line in and then ok for both channels, then you can use the sliders to set your audio in levels.
You must remember to set a recording channel to "wave" and its playback to waveout No 1,2 or 3, this will then be assigned to pc1 and pc2 in the audio editor section for playback.
Good luck



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