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#72485 - 09/28/00 09:58 PM 9000 Pro The first real pictures
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The first real pictures of PSR 9000 Pro can be accessed from the Unofficial Yamaha PSR 740 Home Page at
Link under heading "News" at the start page.


#72486 - 09/29/00 10:28 AM Re: 9000 Pro The first real pictures
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I believe this a lot more than that other picture....... by the way here is the site translated to english by Altavista's translator. It's not exactly right due to differences in German and English word placement(example: because this professional model inserted boxes does not possess [English would be "Because this model does not possess inserted boxes"])

Here it is:

European premiere of the new
Yamaha 9000-Pro key board at the 26.September 2000 in Linz/Oberoesterreich!

Owing to very good contacts both to Yamaha Germany and to Yamaha Austria succeeded it to the Industrial union Keyboard/E organ Austria together with the Linzer music shop Danner first
To point Yamaha 9000-Pro to Linz/Oesterreich.

The musical presentation took over Michel Voncken, a star both at the PSR-9000 and at the 9000-Pro, which will execute the official route for Yamaha Europe in the next months also.

The program of Michel took kurzweilige one and a half hours, in which it proved a its being able. With its multicolored and varied program he inspired those almost one hundred guests and after this evening was clearly, here the perhaps best key board of the world for the first time an interested public was demonstrated.

Here the first data to the new 9000-Pro (without guarantee!)

76 keys with more easily weighting

45 MB memory (instead of 30 MB with the PSR 9000) are available for the internal sounds (super piano sound!)

Yamaha Plug in boards (as with the MU128 sound module) can be integrated, operation been made by two new key rows on the right page of the device

Microphone link in XLR building method

Links for two goose neck lamps on the right of and left of the display

flatter building method because this professional model inserted boxes does not possess!

new colour of the housing in noble metal look

Pitchbend and modulation wheel are arranged diagonally transferred at the left side, for better handling.


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