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#72416 - 09/30/00 09:59 AM DJX - CakeWalk 9 settings -HELP !

Hi Everyone !

This is my first encounter with MIDI. I have a Yamaha -DJX Keyboard with the following settings for MIDI -
Remote Channel -OFF
Keyboard Out -ON Pattern Out -ON
Local Control -ON
External Clock -off

Under CakeWalk (Pro Audio 9.0 ) I've the following settings -
MIDI Devices - SB AudioPCI MIDI IN / SB AudioPCI MIDI OUT for the I/P and O/P ports respectively.
Assign INstruments - Port/Channel 1 MIDIOut/1 Uses Instrument - General MIDI
Track Source - MIDI Omni
Record and Echo MIDI Channels --- Selected All 1-16

Next Arm a track and Hit record and start playing on the keyboard - But no notes are saved/recorded when I click the play button to listen to what I just played.

I may be wrong - Can someone help me out and show me the way ?

Thanks in Advance.


#72417 - 10/01/00 11:09 AM Re: DJX - CakeWalk 9 settings -HELP !
Jose Cobelas Offline
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Hi, dude

IŽd say that External Clock ON would do the trick. IŽd also set Local to OFF, since Local ON will make the keyboard play the notes twice (doubled, actually). This happens because the note sounds as you play, and then again when Cakewalk sends it back. Of course this will not happen when you listen to the result, but it is annoying (to me, at least).

Just remember to turn Local ON again afterwards, or you will not get any sound when you close Cakewalk.

I hope this helps. I donŽt have a keyboard like yours (mine is a CS2x), but I do have CWPA9.



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