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#72018 - 02/13/00 05:43 PM Re: does anybody know Keyboard technology. I need your help

lets get one thing striaght Im a dude, the reason my name is MD , is becuase thats wear I live. and with all this madness about using something in the back I don't know

Lets start over

I have a djx and I want to get my music from the djx onto my cassetdeck [ forget what I said befor about having and iawa ]

I have anuther stereo that has a mic input

the out line [ phones/ aux out line ] on the keyboard is fat, for a big hole. on the stero I have it has a small place wear the hole goes, so what do I need. when I get this peace will I be able to record my music strait from my keyboard to the casset without any air.

snoids how much do you think this will cost. and do i need a speacial spacific one for my keyboard. or does companys like sony or iawa or something make these things

thanks a lot for your help

If ya want go to General Dicusion and go to the topic does anybody make beats and look at the post were I tell my web page and hear my beats. the topic were I put it is kind of at the bottom.

e mail me and tell me what ya think

#72019 - 02/14/00 08:39 AM Re: does anybody know Keyboard technology. I need your help
DonaldS Offline

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Hey DUDE from MD with big hole in DJX....

What you are trying to accomplish is so damn simple.

First..... assuming your keyboard has only ONE audio output, the Phones/AUX out, and that that output is 1/4 inch (big hole). The HOLE will be either 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch anyway, just measure the diameter with a ruler. Forget about the output labelled MIDI OUT for now, that's for connecting other midi instruments or for connecting your keyboard to a computer. Second assumption..... your cassette player has 2 input terminals (probably on the back side), one for left channel and one for right, same kind of jacks most stereo systems have (looks like 2 nipples with a hole in the center of each).

What you need.... go to a Radio Shack and get a wire with a 1/8 inch stereo plug on one end and 2 RCA plugs on the other end. This is a standard wire used for connecting things like Walkmans and Discmans to a home stereo system. If the output on the keyboard was 1/4 inch, also buy an adapter that goes from 1/8 to 1/4. Total cost should only be about $5.

How to..... attach the 2 RCA plugs to the left and right channel inputs on your cassette deck. Plug the 1/8 inch end into the adapter. Plug the adapter into your big hole phones/aux out on the keyboard.

You are connected and ready to record. Amazingly simple.

There still is the possiblity that your cassette deck has a different type of input but you will have to be more specific in describing it or just take the deck to a Radio Shack and they will tell you where the input is.


#72020 - 02/14/00 09:26 AM Re: does anybody know Keyboard technology. I need your help

Ok lets get this thing straight. 1/4 is the fat hole. and 1/8 is skiny.

If this is the case, I have a 1/4 out line in my keyboard and I have a 1/8 inch mic input on my stereo. I think I also have another 1/8 inch input in the back but I don't know what it is used for.

This is what I got. How come it is not simple as plug the fat peice to the fat piece and the skiny peace to the skiny piece and press play on the keyboard and press play and record on the tape player and watch thet baby record. I mean is it this simple. what the dili yo.

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#72021 - 02/14/00 10:01 AM Re: does anybody know Keyboard technology. I need your help
Heyoop Offline

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Dude, grab a mono audio cable with 1/4 inch plug on one end and 1/8 inch on the other. Plug the big one to your left/mono channel of your DJX and plug the small one to your other stereo with small hole which is intended for microphone. and you're all set!!. This is the easiest way you can go to record your work to your cassette. If your not using this for professional reason this is alright. The best way is just grab any 4-track recorder. They are dirt cheap now and you can use the same cable you use to plug in your synth to your amp.

#72022 - 02/14/00 02:07 PM Re: does anybody know Keyboard technology. I need your help


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