.....I am new to synths and after some looking and browsing of analogue style synths i have narrowed it down to two. The Yamaha AN1x and the Roland JP8000, which do i buy? I really like analogue sounds and a big fan of 70's/80's music and i am stuck for which to purchase (unless anyone could tell me a better one). I am not into hooking up to my computer with MIDI but some sequencing/recording would be useful, so MIDI is not really important (Yet anyway) I like playing and experimenting, so lots of knobs'n'sliders please. Could anyone give me the pro's and con's of the two? I would welcome replies from musicians who either own both or have done in the past. But anyone who has advice please post your reply.

PS.i am a complete beginner, i have only just played on a synth with real time knobs today on a CS2x.