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#71478 - 02/11/02 05:46 AM A3K Hard Drive Repair??
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My A3K SCSI Hard Drive has been disrupted when I dumped somthing on to it from Wave Lab. I was trying to dump WAVs into the A3K's RAM but accidently selected the wrong SCSI ID! This is very bad news for me because now my A3K wont recognise the disk, and to make things worse, none of the samples are backed up: this was the first time I had hooked my sampler up to my computer and I was doing it to back them up! Hard drive repairists can't help because it's not a PC/Mac format drive, and Yamaha are no real help either! If anyone has any suggestions on how to salvage data I would be extatic!! (A record deal depends on it, such is life)

#71479 - 04/02/02 10:51 PM Re: A3K Hard Drive Repair??
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Hm... Thats a problem, but I am sure there will be a way to fix the problem...! First, the harddrive is the same as in all computers around, why should yamaha put an other harddrive into this sampler??? Second, I do not own a A3000 (hey, do you wanna sell it, hee.. then email...) but I am sure, you can format the HardDrive from the sampler out, check out the disc menu, maybe you should find a format comand...! I owned a Kurzweil K2000 and if you format the HD from the computer out the Kurzweil was not able to find the HD, but, if you formatted the HD from the Kurzweil, the Kurzweil was ofcourse able to read/write to/from the HD... Hope I could help you a bit...

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