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#71232 - 12/21/01 09:17 AM Re: YAMAHA DJX -1, "Not just a dead dog!"
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I think it would sell..... I agree that one of the main reasons the board did so well when it was first released was because of all the features in had along with a low price tag. I look at it like this. Yamaha, like most makers has its top line and bottom line keyboards. What's nice is how Yamaha makes the so to say more affordable version of their upperline models. If someone likes all the features of the PSR-2000 but doesn't need all of them they have the option of the PSR-1000 which is much cheaper and still has many of the good features from it's big brother. It was like that with the PSR 740 and 640. Now after the PSR-2000 the prices on the upperline start to go WAY up. It could be this way with the DJX. They could make the lower end DJX for those who just want an affordable keyboard for dance music, and they could market a pro version for those who want to use it in the studio and on stage and in clubs. I see it like this..... Granted the upper model arranger keyboards are good, I don't think ANY of them come close to the style capabilities of the DJX.... What I mean is that the styles and the sounds on all the other arrangers aren't geared towards dance, techno, and drums&bass, but they were on the DJX.. The DJX was designed specifically for dance, techno and so forth.. Yamaha really put some effort into making a low cost keyboard that had current styles, and in my opinion they did quite well. There are a lot of people who say negative things about the DJX, but have never even tried it out. How many people out there know that several of the styles that are on the PSR-740 were taken from the DJX??? They sound better on the DJX because the DJX has a completely different voice set though. Even my PSR-550 has a few styles that were taken from the DJX. I think if Yamaha made a pro version of this keyboard and upgraded its features it would sell. Also look how disappointed people were when the new DJXII was released.. Yamaha kinda took a step back with that one. They may have added a few features, but they dropped some of the important ones. So many of us thought the PSR-9000 wouldn't sell because of the huge price tag, but look at it now. People love this keyboard. So what did Yamaha do... They released a lighter professional version of the thing and it too is a big seller. Yamaha can only benefit from making a pro DJX.....

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#71233 - 12/25/01 03:24 AM Re: YAMAHA DJX -1, "Not just a dead dog!"

Hey, Arun_George.... I was kind'a sad when I saw you describe the DJX-1 as a classic. I guess it really is becoming a "Classic" these days.

Hi Squeek D!

Well, about the whole pricing thing and the idea of a pro djx. You know, when the original DJX-1 came out, it was not a $1000 synth, but it did list at $500.00. That's no small potatos! I think at $500.00 it was priced about right for the features and the limitations of the features.

The DJX-II and DJX-IIB I think listed lower than that when they came out. Whatever the case, the DJX-1 really kicked off when it dropped down to about $250.00.

Also, there was something different about it that I personally think appealed to a wider range of people than the new DJX's. I know that a wider spectrum of people bought the DJX-1 because it was really created with independant features. In other words, someone who just wanted to sample their own stuff could focus on that, someone who wanted to mix some beats could do that, someone who wanted to play classical style could do that, someone who wanted to do more hightech stuff would record thier own patterns (not loops though) and so forth. I think that is why it did so well.

The DJX-2 and DJX-2b don't seem to have done as well, from what I can tell. It seems very limited in the audience that could use it. Accessing the keyboard as only a keyboard is initially a bit tricky, the patterns and splits would be really frustrating to someone who wanted to write their own tunes.
It seemed specifically targeted at the young Groovers. Again, I think it's great for just making some easy grooves. But, It's probably going to be on the market longer than the DJX-1 so they can make the required profits off of it.

About a new pro djx.
Hmmmm, I honestly have this picture and image in my head of what it might look like and do. I'd really like to see something original for any pro version they might do. More of a full blown workstation for Trance, Groove, House, Club, Rave, Tech, Triphop, etc. Something really different from what is currently on the market. Korg came out with the Karma last year that was supposed to be for that, and it does have some nice originaly features, but it's basically got the brain that my Korg N5EX has.

I don't know, I'm just thinking about a keyboard that could do multiple looping, import wave, mp3, midi, acid pro patterns, etc. It would have a sampler, a apregiattor, a bunch of really good effects, the ribbon bar, multi-directional modulation and pitchbend wheels, some really nice noices, including a few regular ones, a nice
real sequencer that could import files from Cakewalk and Cubase, perhaps a vocal vocoder, etc. I'd just like it to be the ultimate and most creative alternative keyboard on the market. I think Yamaha has that ability and the DJX-1 and 2, proves they have enough imagination to do something like that.

You know.... a pro djx that could basically be taken into a club environment and used by itself. It could also go easily into the studio.

Hmmm, I am thinking about a DJX that would be designed for and to some degree by, the users. Maybe some of the high profile musicians could tell them what they wanted too.

Anyways, It's probably not likely that Yamaha will create a DJX-3. You know a pro djx-3 would really go over well in their home country of Japan. I used to live there, and a DJX Pro version would be a big time.

I once had the old Casio cz-101. Probably the DJX-1 will eventually fall into the hall of classics like the CZ-101. Funny thing, is I saw, read, or heard something about the CZ-101 and saw a picture of it this week, and I was really wishing I still had one, or could get my hands on one. When the CZ-101 came out, it was similar to the DJX-1's price and features. It was the first affordable digital keyboard that could be programmer. Man I miss it!

Now that I have a good job, maybe I will hunt one down, to atleast listen to it.

Happy 2002 to you!

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