9000Pro.FLASH STYLE Confusion UK Versions?.
I downloaded Version 2.1 OS, (6 Disks) and the SETUP, (2 Disks) from the official Yamaha UK Website. The SETUP disks contain amongst other things the FLASH ROM STYLES. These FLASH STYLES file is dated 1999 and is the original 9000Pro Version of FLASH STYLES and not the one that was later released for the UK market and is in fact installed on all current 9000Pro's purchased in the UK.

These different SETUP Disks versions also contain 2 different factory versions of the MUSIC DATA BASE.

Why have Yamaha provided an old SETUP version to be downloaded with the new 2.1 OS ? and not the new UK one ?. Am I the only 9000Pro owner that has notice this ?.

Graham UK