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#67601 - 10/13/08 04:11 AM Hard Drive HD-AE5000

I've been having trouble with the HD-AE5000
attached to my KN5000. My engineer, recommended by Synthzone, has asked me to find out the maximum disk size for the HD. Can anyone help?

#67602 - 10/13/08 04:28 PM Re: Hard Drive HD-AE5000
Audrey Turner Offline
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Hello Andy,

I Had a hard drive fitted to my KN6500 and I think it was 80GB. At the time, it was the only size available for the keyboard so my guess is your KN5000 HD will be the same.

Hope this helps.


#67603 - 10/14/08 02:52 AM Re: Hard Drive HD-AE5000
Bill Norrie Offline
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From the Keysoft data :

"Hard disk
HD-AE5000 comes with a 1.08 GByte, 2.5" hard disk drive mounted on the HD-AE5000 extension board. The BIOS system is using a 32bit program architecture and includes many security checks."

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