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#61792 - 05/03/00 02:28 PM KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?

I was leaning towards purchasing a KN6000 - until I started reading lots of bad reports from dealers and users alike about it being bug ridden - some of them major.

Major problems with technicord and the sequencer. Furthermore,the stated opinions all seem to agree that Technics won't acknowledge the problems and therefore will not release updates. Clearly this is not all true since there are messages already posted about OS updates.

Can someone give me the benefit of hands on experience with this as I am now not sure what to buy.


#61793 - 05/03/00 05:41 PM Re: KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?
Frank Bez Offline

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It’s amazing what a few loud voices can do. Of course Technics has to take the responsibility in the end. Since they have perfected the art of “Bad Customer Relations”, they should have held up the release of the KN6000 until they had everything worked out. That all said, the KN6000 is a wonderful instrument. The selection of voices, the sound processing and the overall sound quality is outstanding.

I also play the KN5000 and must tell you that the Composer and the Sequencer on the 6000 are much more versatile and as a result slower to operate. In fact many of the procedures are different and that may be the reason for some of the complaints. With the latest software update, most of the problems have been corrected. It would have been nice to get some input from the company regarding the changes.

Here is the bottom line. I’ve recorder two CDs on the KN6000 without a single crash, bad chord or problem of any kind. Bring the masters to the engineers for duplication they could not believe the songs were produced solely on the keyboard without the use of a computer and outboard effects.

Frank Bez

#61794 - 05/03/00 10:43 PM Re: KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?
Herbert Mladosevits Offline
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Hi Skirmash,
I also have all the problems you have ever heard of the KN6000 as I have bought it. With every update the problems grow down.

One of my major problems was the chord-problem. This was solved with version 3.0.

Now I have installed the latest firmware (Ver. 5.0) last week and I will downgrade it to version 4.0. Cause I have seen problems in Version 5.0 which I did not have with version 5.0. One problem is that the Technicord sometimes holds a note and you only can "cancel" this note by switching off and on the keyboard. One other thing is that (do not ask me why) that you can hear much more "noise" from the speakers.

I also have recorded a CD with the sequencer and it´s a hit of each party.
Basicly: the KN6000 is a very good keyboard and I like it to play.


#61795 - 05/04/00 05:08 AM Re: KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?
kbsoftware Offline
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Hi Skirmish, Frank and Herbert!

I too recently purchased a KN6000. All of my time on the KN6000 is spent using the sequencer.

Most all the problems I had have been worked out by becoming more experienced with the oeprating system and with suggestions and help received here on the "zone".

Only one problems remains: "I still can't get the first four technichords to play on the sequencer. The technichord red button lights up but it only plays one note instead of the "chord".

Do any of you have that problem?? If so have you found a solution?

I,ve installed up to version 5 with no new problems popping up.

I agree, the Technics company is missing the boat in not keeping the public well informed as to their understanding and acknowledgement of the problems and their plans to solve them.

I am still glad I bought the KN6000. All the positive and wonderful features, in my book, more than outweight the problems I have to put up with.

I think we all just need to keep "squeaking" loud enough and eventually Technics with decide to "oil the machine".

Thanks for your comments!


#61796 - 05/06/00 01:09 PM Re: KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?
J. Larry Offline

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Hello All:
I recently upgraded to version 5.0 and have been pleased thus far. No major problems. I love the keyboard and have no regrets about trading-up from the 5000. By the way, I've noticed on other chat boards that owners of the X1 and the new Yamaha 9000 are reporting many bugs, as well.
J. Larry

#61797 - 05/06/00 04:37 PM Re: KN6000 - legitimate bad press ?
Roel Offline

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I tried to join the Technics Canada Forum site for over many months, but it looks this one remains closed forever.
As some of you know I owned a KN2k, KN3k and a KN5k and was a frequent visitor of the Technics forum. The X1-bugs were solved in the 2nd OS and the latest version is 3.1 (the 4th upgrade)
Larry : your problem looks to be a 'loop' in the MIDI circuit. If your computer is connected, a sequencer is running and the midi-thru is ON, this might cause your problem.

I still don't like Technics' attitude (anymore) ;-)



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