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#61282 - 03/28/03 06:57 AM Digital camera/7000
zuki Online   content
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Hello 7000 enthusiasts,
Which digital camera would one recommend that works well with the slide/picture feature on the 7000. As I wrote previously, I am interested in composing some original songs and incorporating pictures in my song and hopefully be able to view on the TV. Does anyone currently do this? Comments are appreciated. I do not have the board (or camera) yet, but getting close.
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#61283 - 03/28/03 07:34 AM Re: Digital camera/7000
cees Offline

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Hi Zuki,
almost any current digital camera could be used. To my opinion I advise you to let the choice of an depend on the use you intend with you photographs. I assume that you have other reasons to buy a digitcam. than only for use with the KN7 . Each photo you want to use on the KN7 has to be resized to max 640x240 pixels. Mostly you can do that on your computer. The quality of those images are acceptable, but don't expect to much. The resolution on the display in not that high. Please have a good look to the built-in pictures if you can somewhere to see what I mean. If that's not possible, I could mail you some examples?
Best regards,

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#61284 - 03/28/03 09:07 AM Re: Digital camera/7000
Graham UK Offline
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As Cees suggests buy a digital camera that is going to take excellent pictures first and foremost.
I recently bought a Cannon A40. 2.1 mp and it gives very good results. 2mp is the minimum but suggest you go for 3 or 4 mp for the extra money it would be worth it. The extra size gives you the option of cropping without loosing quality.
Most cameras come with a basic download & edit package with which to resize for your KN.

Graham UK

#61285 - 03/28/03 10:33 AM Re: Digital camera/7000

My Olympus 720 3mp, which I use for nature/wildlife photography, captures excellent pictures up to 8X10. One of the newer models uses SD or another media. Having SD would save some steps in transfer to 7000.

The 7000 has opened up a world of posibilities in music......... plus.


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#61286 - 03/28/03 10:36 AM Re: Digital camera/7000
Douglas Dean Offline

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Zuki, I have a Canon G3 and the finest keyboard around. Have taken some very nice pictures but have never put any of them in my seven thousand. For some strange reason every time I open the lid on this beautiful wonder I am awed by the beauty of the sounds and so mesmerized by her I cannot go any further. Oh what a slave I am.

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#61287 - 03/29/03 03:13 AM Re: Digital camera/7000
technicsplayer Offline
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virtually any camera will do for the kn screen, you should pay extra for whatever other features and quality you want out of the camera. The exception might be wanting to photograph text for the screen in which case you need to spend money on a good close up or semi-macro performance.

Most digicams have a basic VGA mode of 640 X 480. These pictures will load directly into the kn to be trimmed, but you would never use them for your normal shots, unless maybe making a web page.

The other factor is memory card, an SD camera will load directly in the kn from the card, but as I explain how to load from any memory card in the book, this is not essential, only convenient.

If money is no object, a minimum 3 megapixel with a minimum of 3 x optical zoom will give great results for most people's non-specialist needs. Digital zoom is a waste of time on less than 3 Mpix and not high on the agenda generally if interested in quality.

I have been most impressed with the quality of canon lenses.

#61288 - 03/29/03 11:03 PM Re: Digital camera/7000
zuki Online   content
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Thanks all for your kind replies.
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#61289 - 03/30/03 07:59 AM Re: Digital camera/7000
Walt Meyer Offline

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I bought my first digital camera about two years ago. I did a lot of research including looking at the color rendition of many models. Because I didn't know if I would be satisfied with a digital camera, I looked for the best performance at the lowest cost.
At that time there was no question that Olypus performance exceeded that of many cameras costing 4 and 5 times as much.
I bought an Olympus 360L which was only a 1.2 megapixel camera. I have taken over 1000 pictures with that camera and have been totally satisfied. As far as the number of pixels required, I have made beautiful sharp 8x10 prints from that camera. No matter the number of pixels, the pictures tend to look "soft" without sharpening them by using a good photo editing program. (The same is true of output from a scanner).
My biggest regret was that the 360L did not have optical zoom, which is a necessity for any serious photography.
The use of digital zoom requires much greater pixel capability in order to be useful as it is merely a form of cropping.

I have since purchased an Olympus 550 Zoom which is nominal in cost, has 3 megapixels, both optical (glass lens) and digital zoom which work together in a seamless manner, uses a Smart Media card for storage and has been totally up to my expectations.
I am sure that by now other manufacturers have perhaps caught up to Olympus.
That has been my experience for what it is worth.


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