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#60973 - 01/26/00 03:08 AM New KN1600 user -- HELP
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Just got a KN1600 as upgrade from Korg Is50.
(No looping on Korg).

I am a guitar player and want to use this to record backing/accompaniment to practice guitar against and find a couple of problems.

1)Most midi files I have are GM type 1 so can't play on KN1600 directly (OK on Korg). Is there a free converter for PC (NT4) so I don't have to load each into sequencer and save manually. I don't want to buy an expensive composition tool just to get the tool.

2)Non x/4 time sigs? The KN1600 limits one to time sigs in x/4 (1/4 - 8/4). How can I get backing sequences in nicely ie 6/8 that doesn't sound like a waltz? How about 9/8?

3)Multi time sig pieces? I have some music that I want to key in where there are changes in time sig.
a]Mostly in 4/4 but with some bars in 3/4.
b]More importantly a piece in 6/8 but with a
centre section in 4/4 (closer to a slow 2/2). With this piece I would ideally like to have most of the accompaniment playing the 6/8 (percussion, drums etc) but with some tracks playing the melody of the 4/4. I think I can see a way to do it but here I would definitely not want the 6/8 to be a mutated 3/4. (?2/4 using triplets)

4)Ties and slurs. Are these possible in step recording. Also trombone glisandos?

Overall the KN1600 seems to have more than the Korg Is50 but then it is double the price. The Korg had more/better SFX and a few other features.

#60974 - 01/26/00 06:54 AM Re: New KN1600 user -- HELP
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You can get a Midi 1-->Midi 0 format converter from Click on v1.04.

Alternatively, most PC sequencers such as Cakewalk, Voyetra, Band In A Box, etc. allow you to load in one format and save in the other.



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