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#60771 - 01/29/05 03:54 PM Kim Komando Daily News Letter

In the past I have read several post's about what CD to use to record music. I am a subsriber to Kim and here is her answer.
Jeanette in Tucson asked about the different types of CDs. She's
concerned about music, photo and data CDs.

Jeanette, you don't need to worry about different types, at least for
making CDs on a computer. To your computer, data is data. A regular CD
blank will accept music, data and photo files. It doesn't care.

If you're copying a CD on a home stereo system, you may need a special
music CD. These look for an indicator on the original CD before they
will copy it. That was part of an agreement in Congress to be sure
artists, record companies and others were compensated when CDs were
copied. They cost more, and that's where the extra cost goes.

There are no such indicators on computer files. So don't worry about
buying anything special. However, I would buy name brands. I have had
problems with cheapo no-name discs.

Fran in Florida

#60772 - 01/29/05 04:37 PM Re: Kim Komando Daily News Letter
Audrey Turner Offline
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I make my own CDs using an independent Philips Recorder and I can assure you that if you are doing this type of recording the CDs MUST be "MUSIC" or "AUDIO" type CDs. This information is usually shown with/on/or around the Maker's logo.

A CD-RW can be recorded over and over even if it has been finalised but of course, they will have to be unfinalised before recording on it again.

A CD-R can only be recorded on once, so it is wise to use the CD-RW as a master and then use the cheaper CD-Rs to make copies for your friends from that. I am of course, talking about your own recordings only, as to copy professional CDs is illegal.

Don't be fooled by labels that say CD-R and CD-RW Recordable as these are intended for use with PCs only, as I've learned to my cost.

The CD and DVD world in my opinion is a mess and the sooner the manufacturers get their act together and standardise these products the better it will be for us all. At the moment it is very confusing for almost everyone.

For your information, after trial and error,I have found that whilst any make of CD will work with the PC, my Philips likes the Maxell and TDK MUSIC CDs best. Unbeliev-ably even Philips CDs sometimes play up.

Another thing I have learned with the Philips is that when you make a CD-R copy, it will not play on the 'recorded' side of the set but only on the 'Play' side. This is because at the end of the tracks (usually about 18 depending on length of them) the CD automatically finalises whereas the CD-RW will ask you what you want to do, so giving you the chance to erase tracks if you wish.

To add to the confusion, some of the older CD Players will not play later CDs as they are not equipped to read the latest technology.

Hope this helps.


#60773 - 01/29/05 10:00 PM Re: Kim Komando Daily News Letter
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if you think that is bad wait until you start recording to DVD's. That is a brand new ball game.
You will all eventually learn there is a big difference between Dvd-r or rw and
Dvd+r or rw, not to mention a lot of other learning curves.

#60774 - 01/30/05 02:09 AM Re: Kim Komando Daily News Letter
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Hi Audrey do we get the chance to listen to your recorded music...please?
Roger M


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