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#5927 - 02/01/05 11:56 AM Synth progamming

Hi All!

I'm looking for some information. Hopefully, someone here can enlighten me!

I have a Novation Supernova II Pro-X and a Roland JP-8000. I would like to be able to create sounds like bubbles and zippers - sort of ala Ozric Tentacles. I am not sure how to accomplish this on these keyboards.

If anyone has an idea and can provide detailed instructions and the patches they used to create these sounds....that would be awesome!



#5928 - 02/02/05 07:32 AM Re: Synth progamming
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Hey lazy!
Start messing with the knobs. That's how you discover how to make sounds on an analog (or analog style synthesizer). LOL

BUt since you asked. It all depends on what you mean by bubbly blip stuff.
On a real analog synth I normally use either pitch modulation or FIlter modulation and resonance to get the desired effect.

Since you are talking about digital synths forget using pitch modulation since the ranges are limited. Try turning up resonance and then using Envelopes, Controls and LFOs to modulate the filter. MInd you the resonance will have to be turned up all the way.
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#5929 - 02/02/05 12:19 PM Re: Synth progamming
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Bubbles and zippers - Start out with the noise source and add a random ( sometimes called sample and hold ) modulation to the filter and just start experimenting .


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