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#51461 - 03/27/02 12:42 PM How to "lock" mic settings on KN6000?
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I have a KN-6000, and have tried a mic through the mic input of the 6000. As someone here reported awhile back, it's too "Bassy", so I set the effects to my liking.

How do I "lock" these settings, so that I don't have to change all ~600 of the panel memories I use, for my new preferred mic settings?

There is a "filter" in the Expanded moded of Panel Memories, for mic settings - but whether I have this filter ON or OFF, it seems that my mic settings are over-ridden when I call up a Preset. I thought the "filters" were to control which settings are affected/stored in Panel Memories.

I use the Footswitch "filter" and it works great, so I don't have to store new footswitch settings in every one of my hundreds of presets. Maybe there is a "bug" in the Mic "filter"?


#51462 - 03/28/02 04:08 AM Re: How to "lock" mic settings on KN6000?
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it sounds like whatever you are saving is not covered in the mic page or filter, there are not enough details in your description to say.

if using the overall equaliser or multi effect to change the balance of the mic input these too must be set to off in the panel memory expand mode filter.

alternatively use a suitable multi effect eg parametric equaliser, to balance the mic to your satisfaction and save this user effect in an effect memory on floppy. Then load this with a suitable current panel setup at switch on. As long as the mic and multi effect filters are set off, no change should then occur provided you do not change the filter settings.

to prevent another disk load changing the filter settings use the panel memory expansion filter setting in data protection in the customize menu.

you can also try the data protection of mic setting in the customize menu.


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