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#51204 - 09/28/03 06:43 PM newbie questions

Hi. I am a new owner of a KN7000. There are a few things I'm having problems with. When I hit Stop for the rhythm at the end of a song I keep getting a sustaining part- sounds like a rhodes. Also is there any way to get a syncro stop so you can stop abruptly. Any help will be appreciated.Thanks in advance.

#51205 - 09/29/03 12:44 AM Re: newbie questions
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Welcome to our KN owner/player group. Glad you have a KN7000. I'm sure it will give you many years of pleasure.

I have a KN6000, but it functions the same as a KN7000 in regard to the questions you raised so I'll try to help you.

Our keyboards have two sounds that are always present. However, they can be changed or silenced. They are ROOT BASS and CHORD. The Fender Rhodes sound you hear is a Modern Electric Piano voice and if you are holding a chord with the left hand when you press the STOP button, you will hear the electric piano sound. To silence the sound, press PROGRAM MENUS/SOUND/PART SETTING and Page 1 of the Part Setting Screen will appear. Press the PART SELECT button (Up Arrow) and hold it down. Scroll to the end. There you will see ROOT BASS. Press the Down Arrow once and you will see CHORD. Set the volume to zero. That silences the Modern E.P. sound. If you want the sound silenced permanently, press SET and CUSTOM PANEL. You can also silence the sound and save your setup in PANEL MEMORY, but would need to save your PANEL MEMORY settings on your SD card or floppy disk.

As for your second question, I know only one answer. To obtain a synchronized STOP, you either have to press the STOP button manually or record your background using one of the three recording methods (Easy Record, Realtime Record, or Step Record), in which case the background will stop automatically at the proper moment.

Hope this helps you.


#51206 - 09/29/03 10:28 AM Re: newbie questions
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Two other ways to obtain a synchronized stop are:
- assign the stop function to a pedal
- switch memory off from the Auto Play Chord

#51207 - 09/29/03 11:19 AM Re: newbie questions

Thanks very much for the responses. I am now able to shut off the sustain at the end of a song and I am using a footswitch to to stop the song. Two problems and two solutions from you both. This is very crucial to my playing as I accompany a childrens choir and need both hands on the keyboard when a song ends as I don't use the endings of the styles. I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to use this keyboard. Thanks again.


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