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#509687 - 03/05/24 08:07 AM Re: Revisiting the E-50 Roland [Re: zuki]
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Well Chas, perhaps you might try reading someone’s post before you jump in with your usual knee jerk reaction to anything I post. How anyone can conflate a suggestion into a command simply indicates a determination to pick a fight no matter what. I’m getting mighty tired of all this. You have been warned.

Secondly I’m wondering what you would have written had I offered a long winded post about totally the wrong keyboard? Zuki put the E50 (not the FP-E50) in the thread title and body, but I guess you were so eager to jump on a perceived error in my post that it totally eclipsed any effort to remember that Roland made an E50 long before you got your FP-E50.

So, either start backing off your petty passive aggressive behavior or action will be taken. Anyone that sees a suggestion as a command has issues. The E50 was a 61 note arranger, the E60 and BK9 are 76’s which is why I SUGGESTED (telling someone what I would do, based on my own personal experience is not telling the what they MUST do except to someone determined to pick a fight) looking at something bigger than a 61 if they are interested in continuing their piano studies.

Now might be a good opportunity to step back from your petty bickering, and take the time to actually READ other people’s posts before you inject your agenda.

Asking Zuki if he meant the FP might have been the first thing before you decided that here’s an opportunity to continue your bickering.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#509689 - 03/05/24 09:58 AM Re: Revisiting the E-50 Roland [Re: zuki]
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Hmmm...seems I'm the second person you've threatened. First of all, I can't be bullied because I have nothing to lose. Certainly not the friends of long standing who I still communicate with privately. Seems to me the forum is sparse enough without you threatening everyone who disagrees with you. That's why we have to be (or should be) so careful about whom we bestow power (no matter how insignificant that power is). I champion Kerry's decision to keep this forum alive but given your track record (banished from THIS forum by Nigel, destroying the Roland Arranger forum which you administered), I guess I'd have to question the wisdom of trusting you with any administrative powers. I don't dislike you on a personal level although I'm not a fan of your personality type. I tend to relate to people based on their value system and their life accomplishments. My best friend who I had the honor of serving with, grew up in the "ghetto" of North Philly and went on to win the Bronze Star, Silver Star, and Distinguished Flying Cross. He then spent the next 30 years as an airline captain for US AIR. To me, HE was (is) a person of substance. I gave the induction speech when he was admitted to the Aviation Hall of Fame. But back to your accusations on this post. First of all, it was clear to both me and Zuki that he was referencing the FP-E50. My response was directly to him and, in my mind, appropriate. Perhaps a RE-READ might make this clearer to you. So if you can point out the word or phrase in my initial post that got you so riled up, I'll be happy to apologize if I think it merits it. How about reading TedS' posts; a model of courtesy, respect, and class.

No need to delete this post, I have already sent it to the few members who actually give a damn.

Have a good day. If it's goodbye, so be it.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

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