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#509354 - 12/11/23 12:56 PM Merry Christmas, Everyone
travlin'easy Offline
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I wanted to wish everyone here a very, Merry Christmas and healthy, Happy New Year. I rarely post Christmas songs here, but thought this one would be appropriate. I recorded the song on Christmas Eve of 2013, back when I still had good lungs and still able to sing.

click here to listen to Merry Christmas Darling

Gary cool

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#509355 - 12/11/23 02:03 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
Bernie9 Offline
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So good!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, old friend.
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#509356 - 12/11/23 04:03 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
George Kaye Offline
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Merry Christmas Gary. I wish you all the best the rest of this year and beyond.
George Kaye
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#509357 - 12/11/23 04:14 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
rattley Offline

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Merry Christmas Dear Friend!! -charley

#509358 - 12/11/23 10:05 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
Gunnar Jonny Offline
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Cheers πŸ₯‚
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#509389 - 12/24/23 02:35 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
montunoman Offline
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my SZ amigos. My wife, daughter and I volunteered to play some holiday music today at Saint Joseph Residence in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, Texas. This is a charity, run by catholic nuns, who for years have worked tirelessly, day and night to provide rooms, food, and care for low income elderly. It’s by far the most rewarding musical performances we do. It’s the least we can do to help the nuns who do so much to help the elderly in our community.

Best Wishes to all!

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#509390 - 12/25/23 03:35 AM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: montunoman]
bruno123 Offline
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Merry Christmas, it is a beautiful day. Christmas brings joy to all people in different forms. For me, I woke up smiling -- it was my choice.
John C.

#509393 - 12/25/23 12:30 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
Kabinopus Offline

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Loc: Russia
Merry Christmas everyone!

Gary, beautiful song, thank you for sharing; 2013 was not that long ago :-)

Montunoman, a great show, although looks like you edited out all the singing from the video; I think in places like this people especially appreciate to see a family playing music together

from Kyrgyzstan

#509394 - 12/25/23 02:48 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
Diki Offline

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Merry Christmas to all! πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„
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#509395 - 12/25/23 04:01 PM Re: Merry Christmas, Everyone [Re: travlin'easy]
zuki Offline
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
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