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#508362 - 05/30/23 02:28 AM Re: Anyone still gigging nursing homes etc? [Re: Diki]
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Originally Posted By Diki
Forget FLAC. MP3’s got a bad rap back when they first started because people ripped CD’s at relatively low bitrates (129kbps or less) because storage was very expensive. The idea that you’d have a phone in your pocket with 256GB of storage aboard was science fiction! Now 8TB sized drives are less than what a 512MB stick used to cost!

Rip a CD at 256-320 kbps, I defy anyone over the age of forty to hear the difference. Play it in a car, even more so.

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The fact that storage is so plentiful and cheap these days is why mp3 is pointless, as FLAC is not much larger than the mp3 bit rate you mention.
Now when it comes to streaming, than that is a different kettle of fish as some providers and plans have data caps, so mp3 can still be relevant at a lower bit rate.

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#508367 - 05/30/23 06:55 PM Re: Anyone still gigging nursing homes etc? [Re: guitpic1]
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Your main problem with FLAC is that it isn’t supported across all devices. I can’t think of a keyboard that plays them…

I prefer high bitrate MP3 as just about everything plays them. They also can have synced lyrics metadata embedded in the file itself. Something .Wav and FLAC don’t support. Ideally, I can take any music in my library, transfer it to a phone to a tablet, to a computer, or to a keyboard and I don’t have to convert it.

Yes, nowadays, storage is so cheap, to be perfectly honest, why use any compression at all, even if it’s lossless..? But if you want to not have to be constantly changing formats for different devices, good ol’ mp3 is still the gold standard…
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