On a break from a recording project last week, someone showed me a piece with Steve Corell (SP?) recording Neil Sedaka's "Laughter in the Rain in his home. The tune was recorded in a jazz/swing style. Niel and Steve traded vocals. Lee Scholar(SP?), one of my favorite session bassists was on the project.

Neil was delightful! At 82, his vocals were still strong. He enjoyed the hell out of the experience. He lives in Hawaii and regularly plays week-end events with his grandchildren who he obviously adores.

I have done "Breaking Up is hard to do", "Laughter in the rain", "I Miss the Hungry Years", "I should Have never let you go" (Recorded with daughter Dara), "Solitaire" and other tunes he wrote for years.

I admire talented folks. I'm MUCH MORE impressed with NICE, talented people. People like Vince Gill, Niel and others.

Lots of love and respect goes to Niel from "The Captain".