I never listen to Country music so I'm not familiar with the work of some of it's top artists. But, the other morning I was channel surfing and stopped for a minute on THE VIEW. The guest/guest host that morning was LeAnn Rimes and she was about to launch into one of the prettiest songs I've heard in a long time (don't remember the name, it's from her new album). This lady has pipes for days. One of the best vocal performances I've heard on tv or radio in a long, long time. I knew who she was but was not familiar with her work. The lady can sing. The voice, the song, the feeling, all came together perfectly.

This (pleasantly) suprised me the same way Kelsea Ballareni (sp) supprised me when she did 'Some day my prince will come' with jazz prodigy Joey Alexander (love the guy). So, along with my longtime admiration for Willie Nelson, that makes THREE C&W artists I can warm up to. Motto: You're never too old to open up your mind smile smile.

chas (still not a Country fan - probably never will be)

Googled it, the song is 'How much a heart can hold' from her new album 'God's Work'.


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