So what style do you think a Ukrainian WOULD like to hear their national anthem done in? This all rather sounds like you have more against reggae than you have against any other style, which given Bob Marley’s worldwide efforts against racism (to name just one politically active reggae artist) seems a bit arbitrary.

No offense, but after the horrors inflicted on America’s national anthem by artists of all kinds of musical backgrounds, why would a reggae version be any more disrespectful..?

I hate to suggest it, but perhaps your issue is more with reggae, not covers of Strange Fruit? Let’s face it, Nina’s version is hardly a carbon copy of Billie’s, but she gets a pass?

Reggae isn’t just happy island music, but those unfamiliar with the genre may paint it with that brush. And that would be the fault of the painter, not the paint.

I appreciate that your personal response is indeed that..l YOUR personal response. But you don’t get to judge how others are allowed to respond to a version of an important song.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!