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#505342 - 04/01/22 02:58 PM Re: Just 'noodling' [Re: cgiles]
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I definitely feel your confusion, chas! I like that drier jazz club sound as well, but the prevalent sound amongst amateurs that still play the real thing, especially over the pond (as you could hear from that wild Caravan track!) is for a more drenched sound. Plus it does help ‘join up’ some of the smears and glisses and make them a little less stark. The main thing is to not use a ‘really good’ reverb, the nastiest spring reverb pre-Leslie (rather than say a nice hall reverb post-Leslie) is what defines the sound!

BTW, old joke…

Q. Do you know what happens when a German organist gets to the saddest phrase in the saddest song he knows?

A. He turns the Leslie to Slow! 😂
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#505355 - 04/03/22 03:53 AM Re: Just 'noodling' [Re: cgiles]
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Originally Posted By cgiles
My 'friends' across the pond will probably hate this smile smile. I love the sound of my clonewheel, I think it captures the sound of the B3 pretty well. I'm going to try recording something on my new $99 VSTi, B3x, as soon as I get around to attaching and calibrating an expression pedal on my 2-controller setup.


Nice job, Chas! I'm sitting right now in a car, although everything seems fine here, a lot of snow, the day is quiet, but I'm a bit irritated today, however, I played your tune and it's like it showed me a bigger picture; that there are things which exist apart from all the daily rush, and they are in fact timeless.

#505356 - 04/03/22 05:51 AM Re: Just 'noodling' [Re: cgiles]
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Thanks Kabinopus, one of these days I'll go back and (re)learn the intro to this tune, which is also very nice.

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#505359 - 04/03/22 11:57 AM Re: Just 'noodling' [Re: cgiles]
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Now I know that much of the credit belongs to your playing, no matter what instrument you are playing. Very realistic, also.

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