I think a few of your suggestions are quite likely. It seems that the sub-systems for inexpensive HDMI output have become available. That’s a high probability, and wouldn’t add to the cost significantly.

It some of your suggestions seem far too ‘pro studio’, and the fact of the matter is, I would estimate that fewer than 5% (and that’s a generous estimate!) of all Genos sales end up as the core of a professional studio. Balanced outputs aren’t really needed in a studio, if you aren’t within 3-4ft of the interface/mixer, you use one of the many D/I boxes the studio has. However, most keyboard centric project studios are based around the main keyboard, so the cable run from the keyboard is pretty short. Not to mention that, unlike guitars and things like that, the signal level from keyboard main outputs is VERY high, and s/n ratios remain very high despite longer 6-10ft+ cable runs.

Admittedly it’s not an expensive addition, but it’s a solution to a problem that doesn’t really exist for the vast majority of performers.

And there’s a reason that high speed computer level I/o and data pipes aren’t in keyboards. Despite the myths, they aren’t computers inside. They don’t use off the shelf CPU’s and motherboards. They use custom chips. And these cost a fortune to develop. So they have ALWAYS trailed computers by a decade or more. And that trend is unlikely to change.

The thing to focus on are things that can be improved without a major change to hardware. Get enough people on board, you got a chance to influence the design team.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed by the botched rollout of the PA5x. It seems to have shipped (albeit in small numbers) FAR too soon, and the OS is a disaster for professionals. If it had been launched in a gig ready state, it could put substantial pressure on Yamaha to up their game to compete and one-up them. But as things stand, the current Genos is still the top ‘professional’ arranger if its styles and soundset float your boat. Korg’s older PA4X holds the lead if you rely on ethnic sounds and styles, but the new PA5x just isn’t ready to go yet.

So Yamaha are not being pressured the way they need to be for your laundry list of hardware to be addressed even slightly. But software’s another thing.
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!