The BK-9 keybed is quite different to the G70’s. The G70 had an Italian action, one of the best 76 keybeds ever made, with full size (length) black keys and a full length white, but with the ends slightly rounded. It was a little bit heavier, and a bit more cushioned on key down, and had aftertouch.

The BK-9’s action is Chinese, a hair lighter, but still very crisp and positive, a joy to play for hours. No aftertouch, and a bit sharper at the ends of the whites (it has a slight lip like the overhang of a piano key). Sadly, the rounded whites of the G70’s action were a bit better suited to organ techniques like palm smears, so you have to adjust your touch a hair when you play the MUCH better Hammond sim in the BK.

But it’s a much lighter (total weight) action... I took out the action on both keyboards, and the action in the G70 is several pounds heavier. This is part of the reason the BK is under half the weight of the G70..!

In fairness, although I haven’t yet seen a Genos, I have played a PA4X, and the BK-9’s action is easily as good. I’ll take your word on the Genos. Kudos to Roland for not putting a PSR style keybed in it. I’m afraid they went that route with the BK-5 & -3, and I hated those 🤬

I can’t lie, probably the thing I miss the most from the G70 is that action, it is easily head and shoulders above anything I have ever played (Roland put the same action in the G1000 VA-76 and the A70 MIDI controllers only). But the sound of the BK-9 is so far ahead (and it’s so much lighter!) I had to make the move. I still have my behemoth G70, and play it every now and again. Nirvana! 🎹❤️

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