Saw this on Korg PA owners on facebook and had to share it by a Jason Deleo.

I received the best compliment last night. I use my PA 700 to live score comedy improv shows (currently on zoom!) and during act two of a 3 act story based “spooky” show, I started with simple nylon guitars, and eventually progressed into different electric guitars with distortion etc.
After the show, one of our Improvisor, who I know plays guitars in multiple bands asked me when I learned to play the guitar so well and was surprised to hear so many different guitars and filters/distortion pedals. I told him I have no idea how to play the guitar was doing it all on my Korg. He said that’s impossible, because he distinctly heard my fingers moving on the frets, and could hear my fingers and hands echo inside the guitar from hand movements. I told him the keyboard adds those sounds. He was flabbergasted. Plus he knows I’m a mediocre keyboard player hahaha.

Good on both Korg and the player...........

Allan taz


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