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#500865 - 10/03/20 06:00 AM “Silencing” BK9 Keybed noise
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Has anyone experimented with installing some sound deadening sponge or foam inside the BK9 to minimise the Keybed noise?

I have pulled apart my BK9 and it is quite hollow inside so I feel that the casing of the instrument itself Is actually one of the main reasons why the Keybed is so loud, especially when you release the keys instead of actually pressing them...

The BK9 Keybed feels beautiful to play but it is one of the loudest I have ever come across...
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#500944 - 10/06/20 08:35 PM Re: “Silencing” BK9 Keybed noise [Re: Nick G]
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I'd say that, if you are playing so quietly that you can hear the keybed, change to headphones!

I've got a G70 next to my home BK9, there's not THAT much difference between the two.

But, if you want, try making sure it's not the stand you have it on that's contributing to the vibration. I have mine at home on a music production desk, and it's VERY solidly supported, no bounce, no nothing. But it's worth slipping some rubber shelf liner material under the arranger's feet if you want to stop any playing vibration getting into the table.

Truth is, play a B3 not switched on, or a dummy piano action, or a Rhodes or Wurli not plugged into an amp, those actions are far from silent. If you can't play loud enough to overwhelm the keybed, try a nice pair of isolating closed ear headphones.

Or crank it!
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#501101 - 10/17/20 01:57 AM Re: “Silencing” BK9 Keybed noise [Re: Nick G]
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I used to play on a Casio CK3800 with the same clunk on the keys ( it was a great teaching 'board). So I got a strip of self adhesive foam to stop drafts in doors and windows and placed it along the base of the keyboard under where the keys hit the frame of the chassis. I didn't even lift the lid of the keyboard to install it. It went in and as far back as I could place it. Boy did it help quieten down that clunk - much better and a cheap fix.


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