New Korg and Yamaha arrangers are loaded with hundreds of factory Registrations ( Songbook, Playlist) whereas the Ketron arrangers sport ZERO new Registrations factory wise. Hence I thought it might be a good idea and worthwhile experiment to ask all of you herE to consider this:
Most of you Ketron owners will have created some or many Registrations of your own, often saved in Registrations Bank A. ( or other banks). My suggestions is as follows:

Save your personal registration Bank to computer , turn it into a ZIP file and give it your own name.

Send this ZIP file as an attachment ( it can never be so large that it cannot be attached to a regular email )and send it to :

I will collect all entries and make a large comprehensive ZIP file out of all of those and put it in my BOX account and will then provide all of those who contributed with a downloadlink.
Worth a try ? I definitely think so, so please join in now !

If this works out successfully we can later on decide to do similar things with User Sounds, User Styles and Launchpad content such as home-made riffs and pads. ( all the while respecting commercial copy-right stipulations of course)
You can comment here , but if you participate please send your Registration Bank ( zipped) to