NATIVE INSTRUMENTS will offer a crossgrade for all registered HALion, EXS,
and Gigastudio users who want to take advantage of KONTAKT's ease-of-use.
Just prove you are a registered user and the crossgrade will cost you $229/229 Euro
(available from September 1st, 2002)

The crossgrade offer is available to owners of the following applications:

- Emagic™ EXS24™, EXSP24™
- Steinberg™ HALion™
- Tascam™ GigaStudio™ 32 , GigaStudio™ 96, GigaStudio™ 160
- Tascam GigaSampler™ 64
- BitHeadz™ Unity DS-1™

All crossgrade customers are welcome to keep their previous sampler

More information about the crossgrade can be found at