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#48736 - 01/27/05 01:50 AM Another One Bites The Dust....
Mark, Michie & Luce Offline

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Good morning (UK Time),

I'm back and, thank heaven, recovered from my spell abroad. Before I go any further thanks to a number of both UK and US forum members who donated both their time and money to the relief cause. It's nice to know through their support that both myself and the people I worked with where not forgotten.

Now to the subject. Both Mark & I received identical letters from TechNote yesterday informing us that the TechPlus magazine, as is, will be discontinued effective December this year. Surely, this is another nail in the Technics coffin. We've both come to look on the magazine as part bible and part insperation (no disrespect Bebop). It's a sad time when a dream dies but we'll just have to live with it.

If anybody wants to comment either reply to this topic or, better still, email Technote at and place a copy of your email here.

The only good news about this is that we've got about three years of back issues. Surely they'll increase in value. I'll try E-bay...



#48737 - 01/27/05 03:42 AM Re: Another One Bites The Dust....
RMepstead Offline
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Welcome back Lucie and well done...
Re Techplus magazine - I received my letter this morning and I think it will only hasten the demise of subscriptions to the last 3 copies of Techplus magazine yet to be produced in 2005...but there you are; in the world of publishing you run that risk I suppose.
Thankfully we have a thriving Technics keyboard club here in Wiltshire which meets fortnightly to provide both inspiration and technical input to its members who have swollen significantly in number since the local Technics Dealer changed his allegiance and stock to Yamaha (as he had to do of course).
Owners still need a great deal of help understanding what these machines can do and our evenings although social are always concentrated learning sessions.
If anyone wants to know more about setting up a similar club in their local area please let me know...
Roger M
Roger M

#48738 - 01/27/05 10:37 AM Re: Another One Bites The Dust....

Hi Roger
Would like to hear more about the technics club.

Peter B.

#48739 - 01/27/05 04:41 PM Re: Another One Bites The Dust....
Audrey Turner Offline
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When I retired 5 years ago a friend and myself started a Keyboard Club in Cambridge, England. Initially it was held at my home but we quickly outgrew the limited space and now operate in a small hall just outside of Cambridge. Initially it was for the purpose of learning about how other people setup and used their Technics keyboards embracing all the technical features offered, but as our members grew in numbers so did our interests for obviously some also played other instruments i.e.: organ, piano, accordion etc. as a result our Club is named The Organ and Keyboard Players Club. We meet the second Monday each month from 7.30 - 10.30pm

Anyone who is interested can email me and I'll be happy to give you more detailed information.

Aud (U.K.)


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