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#46591 - 01/12/00 02:11 PM Does anyone else have a KN3000?

Hey people,

This is my first topic so I am not entirely sure of what to do.

For christmas I got a beautiful new KN3000 as an upgrade from my old KN720. I like dance and rave music, so making sounds is one of my favorite things. How far can I go in the world of music with this keyboard? Can I do good gigs with it? Are there any good web sites for MY KIND OF MUSIC!?

On a final note....does anyone else have a KN3000? You all seem to have KN6000's! I can only dream..........

On a different note, I would just like to state that no one else in the world can possibly luv using the filter control on the modulation wheel as me! It is soooo good for dance music!Any suggestions of other useful things that I haven't found yet?

Cheers to all - merry xmas and a Happy new year.

#46592 - 01/12/00 06:00 PM Re: Does anyone else have a KN3000?
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Hello Ed,

There are 39 KN3000 owners listed on the Technics Players List with their email address, and locations. If you want to be listed yourself, please send me a separate email. I'm sure you will find useful information on the main page also.


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