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#464649 - 01/16/19 03:30 PM EA7 "problems"
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Well I must confess to being a DA. I thought the EA7 had another problem with the sliders. I couldn't hear any of the style parts except bass and drums. I worked the sliders up and down, nothing. I was certain to see that the indicator lights were on. I didn't want to take time to reboot, right in the middle of the last set with a roomful of people, so I finished the night with drums bass and lead sounds.
I took it home and booted it up and everything was fine. Time to investigate. I knew about the Track Mute button because I use it when I play some midi files. I didn't realize that it worked on style parts too, and the default is "mute all the parts". I actually had that function assigned to a programmable button. The error, once again, was with the user.
Love the EA7 by the way!
P.S. Spent an hour or so moving UPGs into alphabetical order. I only have about 70 so far. From now on I'll move the new ones to the proper place each night! It wasn't a hard process, but I'm glad I did it now rather than wait until I had a couple of hundred.

#464922 - 01/21/19 10:01 AM Re: EA7 "problems" [Re: DonM]
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It happens. I ruined what is usually a pretty duet with my female singer in band by having vh on instead of off. She does harmony for the song. Was on due to use in same song when playing solo.
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#465682 - 02/03/19 03:10 PM Re: EA7 "problems" [Re: DonM]
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Don, I found that same issue with my former E-A7. I missed it though. It's really a great simple arranger.

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