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#457685 - 09/08/18 02:39 AM Tips for Ketron...
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Just let me start out with a simple tip..

The English manual is incomplete. There are many things missing.

And even worse the table of content does not only not contain links to the different chapters. The pagenumbers are wrong to, which makes this the worst product manual i have ever seen.

Ketron mannagment has accepted the fact that Ketron des not sell well outside Italy and decided not to put in any more effort. They should ask themselves why the arranger with the best styles does not sell well outside Italy.

So please add your simple tips here..
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#457706 - 09/08/18 03:21 PM Re: Tips for Ketron... [Re: Bachus]
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We have re-written the manual which although has many more pages, also provides much more information plus guides you step by step as to when to do what ... and why. Many folks prefer these versions for most recent KETRON products and you can read more here:-

Also new info on our website:-

Click on any of the "i" and get more info on how to

SD60/90 (new):-

More to come!
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#457769 - 09/10/18 03:28 AM Re: Tips for Ketron... [Re: Bachus]
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I am on your side on this Bachus,yes there is a lot of info missing and still is,yes there is a lot of people asking the same questions why its not sold world wide,well its not rocket signs,they simply do not make an effort to listen to customers and needs of the the way i see it the people that had owned a ketron sold it from a few bad experiences with bugs and then others stayed away from audya,for eg,i still have problems with corupt msp and msp system errors and to clear that I would have to every time power down and re start the unit to clear from error and start again it is a nightmare and i know its not only me there is alot of people with the same problem that i know of

Another thing is I refuse to update the ketron anymore cause they do not put info of what was fixed in the update,how do i know if there was anything done in the update,that is bad customer service.

I could go all day but i wont,just one more thing as missing info in the manual,now I decided to create styles via cubase no more direct to unit because you get a better result,
I have been creating styles for my korg via cubase and getting amazing results because you have control on every note,dynamics and more,now whats missing in the manual is how do i create styles in audya via cubase using audio drums and audio gtr,is the ketron meant to be running in sync to able to record bass lines while i listen to the audio loop,they mention you can add live gtr in endings as well but how do i listen to the live loops if the ketron is in stand still mode,not enough information

#457833 - 09/10/18 02:56 PM Re: Tips for Ketron... [Re: Bachus]
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if it is true, and also a problem recorded is not being able to make drum ins or the software to create it with wav user samples, to boost the battery for styles and in midifile, they are stuck, if with these functions it would be the best keyboard but the other keyboard like yamaha and korg surpasses it because those keyboard if you can make sample samples in drums, and you can harness the keyboard more, pity not being able to do drum ins at this point and I have heard that the ins will work but not I see it for when?


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