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#454485 - 07/10/18 01:19 PM Re: OT: Lowrey Aria Pro EX6000 Demo [Re: Bachus]
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#454488 - 07/10/18 02:20 PM Re: OT: Lowrey Aria Pro EX6000 Demo [Re: abacus]
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what is the price of such organ?


#454501 - 07/10/18 08:43 PM Re: OT: Lowrey Aria Pro EX6000 Demo [Re: DAN.2000]
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Originally Posted By DAN.2000
what is the price of such organ?

Depends on your deal, i think they are between €30,000 and €50,000
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#454507 - 07/10/18 11:23 PM Re: OT: Lowrey Aria Pro EX6000 Demo [Re: abacus]
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Originally Posted By abacus
Following the withdrawal of the original 4 videos I posted in my original post, a single Video Demo is now back up and I have replaced the now defunct 4 videos with the one now on their You Tube channel, they have combined all 4 videos into 1, which I presume they think gives a better experience.


I couldn't watch more than five minutes because I was so anxious to place an order for one. smile Oops, that was American-British sarcasm.
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#454515 - 07/11/18 05:25 AM Re: OT: Lowrey Aria Pro EX6000 Demo [Re: abacus]
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After playing my Hauptwerk organ setup with such great theatre organ and classical organ sample sets available, the theatre organ sounds on this Lowrey sound like 20 year old samples - harsh, not very realistic, etc. The classical sounds are not bad, except that buzzy pedal sound heard at one point in the classical demo. The orchestral sounds seem "OK" but not quite up to what we are used to with modern arranger keyboards (and things like Yamaha Montage) etc. The "Hammond-esque" sounds were actually pretty decent. But ... WAY too expensive for what it is. . .

It kind of sounds like they are using a camera mic rather than recording direct (?)

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