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#450422 - 04/14/18 05:14 PM Sharing a Thought from Yesterday
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Please read past any thought about religion and embrace the thought that is written here. This was written in the Technics time on this forum when it was in its glory.

March 19, 1999
A few weeks ago my pastor made a statement that hit home. It is something I never gave a thought to. He was talking about people needing other people. He said when he came to this one statistic about people on the internet, he was truly taken back. He stated the largest percentage of people drawn to the internet was not to buy something. Nor was it to search for information. He stated that a whooping sixty-six percent of the people out there were searching for someone or something to relate to.

I thought for a moment, Wow, sixty-six percent---I feel he was right, and with all honesty, I'm betting I'm one of them. The best keyboard, song, or arrangement, may be what is being used to relate, but what may be the prime reason is the search for a relationship.

Whenever you offer to help others, you are also bringing something very special to yourself. I feel many times that is the reason we do reach out. I once heard someone say, "Thank you for allowing me to help you". Wow, that is so true.

So if that's true, then who is wining here on this forum?

I would have to say our dear friend BEBOP, without question.

#452893 - 05/31/18 10:52 AM Re: Sharing a Thought from Yesterday [Re: bruno123]
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that was then John and so very true. I started this forum as a ministry and watched it grow until I knew it was self sustaining and then moved on to do other things in other places. Life is good through most of my 86 years and I believe the best is yet co come for many or most of you on this forum today. Best to all and especially to my long term Friend, Bruno123.
Bebop Bill Forrest

#452900 - 05/31/18 01:36 PM Re: Sharing a Thought from Yesterday [Re: BEBOP]
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Originally Posted By BEBOP
......I started this forum as a ministry and watched it grow until I knew it was self sustaining....

Excuse me for adjust the info a bit Bill, but this Technics forum was allready up and running when we moved from Technote.
Nice to see you post, been a while since we've seen you active here. smile.
Cheers 🥂
"Success is not counted by how high you have climbed
but by how many you brought with you." (Wil Rose)


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