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#45169 - 04/09/03 08:35 AM Convinced
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Weighing the fact that books, cds and technical assistance for the 7000 are plentiful on this forum, I've had the chance to play this board at several stores and am CONVINCED that this will be my last board. I need to 'grow' instead of buying/trading, etc. The piano is by far the best I have heard on an arranger. That alone is good enough for me, not to mention the whole package that awaits my exploration. I am sharing in my enthusiasm, for it won't be long that I'll have the puppy in my fingers and seeking advice on a routine basis. These forums are terrific and I thank you in advance for your help.
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#45170 - 04/09/03 10:38 AM Re: Convinced
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Originally posted by zuki:
.... am CONVINCED that this will be my last board. I need to 'grow' instead of buying/trading, etc. ...

Hi Zuki, I advise you: print this out,put it in a frame, hang it on the wall. I started to think/say this every time (even now) I took a new KN-version(Ask my wife ). Over the years I must admitt that Technics has succeed in evoluating their keyboards with each version very well, allthought I am not a 'brand'-man. I let it depend on my needs, quality and financial possibilities. Everytime I finally came out on a newer KN.. I understand your enthusiasme, have much musical fun with your new 'coming soon toy'
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#45171 - 04/09/03 07:12 PM Re: Convinced
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A long time ago I had a Technics U90 organ and was so thrilled with it that I told God I wanted to take it with me when I go. However, the U90 got replaced by a KN6000 and now a KN7000. Maybe when I get to heaven I'll find the U90 waiting for me. I'd better update my request.


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