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#448009 - 03/06/18 02:36 AM Ketron SD1 Updates
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I know it's an old keyboard, but I'm still a fan of it. I've been playing also the X1, the Audya, the Tyros 5 and Korg PA3X. None of this keyboard gave me satisfaction on the drum/bass section as the SD1, which I own since 2001.

As my SD1 screen has now lots of black lines, I can barely read the screen. For this reason, I bought a second-hand one and I intend to work on it. I have several options:

- take the hard drive out of my old SD1 and place it in the newest one
- take the hard drive out of my old SD1, connect it to PC via an ATA-USB converter, make a disk clone with the utility dd (clone sector by sector), clone back the image into the newest SD1 hard drive
- work from the newest SD1 and copy the relevant files from the old one

In any case, I had a bunch of questions:

1) is the USB-SD kit simple to install in the SD1? the one advertised on their site
2) in case I want to purchase a hard drive, are there some limitations? Typically, I've seen it's 6GB ATA, will other sizes work? Then comes the problem of the format, I've seen Ketron has its own filesystem, how do I convert a regular hard drive to this filesystem?
3) I've seen the new SD1 has OS 4.0b, while my old one had OS 3.0b. What's your opinion here? I've seen some people complaining about the new sounds from the OS 4.0b. I've also seen there is OS6.0a

I also would like to retrieve the X1 or MS styles, which I used to have ported on my old SD1, where can I find them? Are they directly playable or do we need to tweak them for the SD1?

Thanks in advance.

#448034 - 03/06/18 09:07 AM Re: Ketron SD1 Updates [Re: jmaye]
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Although the SD1 is an older instrument I still reguarly have these in for upgrades and maintenance including fitting the USB/SD upgrades which is by far the most valuable update for any older Solton/Ketron instrument.

Fitting is a little tricky and requires some skills but no soldering. If you are able to work methodically and no how to handle static sensitive devices you should be ok to fit. It isnot just a matter of unplugging the floppy disk and connecting the reader.If you are concerned you should not attempt the job and ask an engineer to undertake the task. Here in the UK we have fitting service.

If you purchase a used Hard drive, i would suggest to keep it below 20gb. When you instal the hard drive it will automatically format. However it will then be blank. You will need a host cable and copy files manually from a computer to the hard drive via the host port. (idealy you need an old computer with a serial port running no later then Windows XP). The data from the old hard drive can be retrieved using the disk to fat converter available on the Ketron website. it will read but not write data.

The SD1's last update was 6.0A and is only for use with instruments fitted with the USB/SD reader whilst 4.0B is the last version for a standard SD1. There are always people who do not like change or get used to a particular 'sound' (remember the CD vs vinyl discussions?). Wether you prefer the revised sound engine is a matter of choice.

You could try downloading the styles from ketrons library - you may have to do some work to make them sound correct. I found when converting X series styles to the SD7 i had to change some drum kits and the lower organ voice was always one octave lower.


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